The following pages are about understanding branding.

Learning branding the hard way – A history by Aaron

OK, I am going to be honest with you. There have been times in my design career that I have got it wrong, and the client usually knew it! I used to design logos from what I liked, thought was cool or ‘on trend’. I would be really persuasive and sell the new logo with absolute confidence… and then sometimes it would fail. I would see it on a sign and think ‘Oh god, you can’t read it! The font is too fine for signage’ or the drop shadow under the logo looked average when embodied on the staff uniform. My beautiful typography was great in the brochure but when the website was being developed we could not use that font online! Sometimes the client would say ‘I just don’t like it’ and I would have to go back to the drawing board, knowing that I would be lucky to break even on this job.

So I started to really analyse what went wrong and how I could improve.

  • How do you draw a logo that will work in all situations?
  • How can I know that the brand is right and going to be successful for the client?
  • What is the best font to use that expresses the brands personality but still works?
  • How can I ensure consistent colour reproduction on all types of media?

From the mistakes and fails was born this pragmatic approach to branding and guess what? It now works! Our clients are always happy with the brands created as they are simple, customer focused, practical and easy to roll out.

From the failure is born expertise and success.

Read on to find out more about our approach.