branding makes it


Branding is the foundation for marketing, making creative decisions simple.

A business that does not establish a brand before marketing usually ends up with inconsistent communication and collateral. This is not uncommon especially for start up small business. It usually transpires something like this:

  • Signs need to be produced so they are done by the sign manufacturer and their art department designs a sign.
  • Business cards are needed so the printer designs the cards.
  • A website is required so the web developer builds a site.
Then nothing matches!

The colours are different, there are three different logos and many different fonts. It doesn’t sit right and it looks a bit haphazard. Now which logo do you use in this magazine advert?

We help sought this out for many business.

Once your brand is established marketing is much easier. No more decisions on what font to choose, colours, photos or logo. We can roll out what has already been established that appeals to your customer.