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Type is one of the most powerful devices you have to maintain brand consistency. It is the backbone that holds your brand together.

Fonts are designed to produce an emotional response in the viewer. The font might be classic, formal, fun, relaxed, clean, modern or retro. There is an amazing amount of work that a typographer does to create a font and a brand that can easily pick up on this wonderful craft and utilise it to express their personality.

When selecting a typeface for your brand we consider the following:

  • Limiting the brand to two typefaces. Multiple fonts can create visual confusion.
  • A primary typeface for text. This should have at least three different weights (bold, regular and light) to allow a visual hierarchy for headings, subheadings and body copy. This font must be easy to read. We generally prefer to use a sans-serif font as this is easier to read on digital devices.
  • An additional typeface for major headlines or pull-outs. This can introduce contrast or fun, but should only be used sparingly.
  • We try to use only open source fonts such as Google Fonts. This enables us to use this on the web and other digital media. It is also free for our clients to download and use.
  • The exception to the two font rule is if you are required to use a ‘system font’ for your email etc or are creating a vintage, eclectic or hipster look.