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There is no denying the breathtaking sweep of the digital revolution. You can now reach more people, target the audience who is interested in youR product and all for less money.

Does this mean the end of printed material?

We think no.

There has never been a form of mass media that has been superseded by another. For example, consider cinema after the introduction of television. It had to redefine it’s place in the market, It’s market share contracted. Lots of small suburban cinemas closed down and the industry had to value add… but it survived and flourished.


Engaging people who are not actively seeking your products and services.

Those looking for a product or service are likely to search digitally for this. Print reaches those who are not looking or not even thinking about your products e.g. tourist guides, product catalogues. This is why companies such as IKEA and Harvey Norman still print catalogues and distribute them widely. It plants the seed of desire in the consumer.

It is convenient.

You can leave behind print material. From a business card to a product catalogue, printed material assists in sales by presenting your business in a professional and tangible way.

It hangs around.

If it is value added people will keep it. This keeps you in their minds.

It works without the Internet!

Really important for things such as printed maps and tourist guides. We have found a real uptake in tourists and hikers wanting printed maps and guides. As fantastic as digital maps are, people are realising their shortcomings such as:

  • Losing information when you zoom out.
  • Not being able to use them without internet connection.
  • Not having enough detail for 4WD and bushwalkers.
  • Less simple than pulling a town map out of your pocket.
  • It is easier to read.

Reading on screen is harder and users are very impatient. The printed page is still easier to read especially for large amounts of text. We have done a lot of work with the NSW tourism industry and the feedback we are getting is that people are still taking up lots of printed material. For example, The Legendary Pacific Coast (Australia’s top tourist drive) last year had 60,000 unique visits to their web site. Compare that to 80,000 visitor guides that were taken in 10 months.

Print still engages your customer.

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Print did not die after all. It is still one of the most loved and engaging forms of media. Why not reach out to a new audience today?