Manning Indoor Rowing

New Brand

Client background

The client, a national rowing champion, was using the Manning Rowing Club to hold regular indoor rowing classes. As an independent operator he wanted to establish this exciting fitness venture in its own right.


A brand that would have a good application to clothing, crisp, smart, sporty and iconic. We were asked to capture the dynamic action of indoor rowing in the brand mark and to distinguish it from outdoor rowing.


The simple, balanced brand mark, evokes the movement on the rowing machine and is encapsulated in a rounded triangle to represent the indoor aspect. The san serif typeface is clean, modern and sporty. It nods back to great sports brands such as Fila. The simple stick figure is also reminiscent of olympic sporting category icons of the past. The strong blue is classic and smart.


It has been rolled out to website, stationery, promotional flyers, and a range of clothing.