Well Creative is very lucky to be the current custodians of a very cool Mid Century Modern Bank building. Originally built for the English, Scottish and Australian Bank in 1957, its current incarnation is the Well Creative Studio.

‘The Bank’ as we call it, always seemed to be calling us.

Back in 2003, Aaron was visiting the Manning Valley with his partner. They drove into Wingham and Aaron fell in love with the building at first sight. ‘That building is so cool! I love it!’ He said from the car as they drove into town.

On another occasion, Chris and Aaron were treating their best client, Kim from The Legendary Pacific Coast to a Christmas / thank you lunch. The festivities were being dampened by bulling phone calls from their current boss. While sitting at the pub across the road Aaron said ‘You know what we should do, we should kick Holiday Coast Credit Union out of that cool building and open our own studio there’. Be careful what you wish for Aaron.

Not long after, Well Creative began and we rented a space across the road. We kept an eye on ‘The Bank’ every day.

While Aaron was on a hiking trip on the South Coast of Tasmania, a ‘For Lease’ sign was hung on the front of the building. The Well team wondered how long it would take for Aaron to notice on his return. He walked in the door and was asked ‘How was the hike?’ ‘Amazing! But have you seen The Bank is for lease?

ES&A Bank Wingham - For Lease
‘The Bank’ when it was up For Lease

Aaron wanted to have a sticky beak and asked Kim to call the number and organise a viewing. We were not really that interested. Whilst we had outgrown our current space and a move was planned, we had been into the customer area and it was not very nice. Small internal offices, no natural light, low ceilings and generally claustrophobic.

On the day the current owner was to give us a viewing, Chris, Tim and Aaron were busy and were regretting the appointment. We went out of obligation anyway.

As soon as we went back of house we were amazed! There was a stone feature wall, the coolest staircase and the floor was sandstone! It was a mess but it was once an amazing interior. As we were not serious about moving in and it was only for lease Aaron started gushing. ‘This is amazing, I bet that hand rail is teak under that ugly paint’. ‘I think these panels in the stairs are glass’ said Chris. The look in Chris and Aaron’s eyes one was one of excitement. The look in Tim’s eyes was one of concern.

‘I will sell it to you if you want.’ The owner said picking up on our obvious excitement.

An hour later we walked back into work. ‘What took so long?’ asked Kim. ‘I think we’re going to buy it!’ replied Aaron.

This set in motion the path to us owning ‘The Bank’.

Come and explore the journey of this Modernist marvel. From its Banking show piece and town sensation to sad unappreciated and back again.

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