Mid Century Modern


For Aaron, acquiring this building was a dream come true. He always loved Mid Century modern architecture and ‘The Bank’ is the real deal. His enthusiasm for bringing the building back had a religious zeal. As he kept chanting through the project, ‘I’ve saved one!’

While Aaron did spend up to 60 hours a week restoring the building he could not have done this alone.

Chris was always there when Aaron needed some heavy lifting. This included the construction of the stud wall in the bank chamber, trips to the tip with demolition rubble, drilling through the vault for the air-conditioning pipes and building the beautiful work desks. Chris and Aaron are the construction dream team, with an exacting eye for detail.

But it was back at Well Creative’s former studio that a lot of heavy lifting was also done. With out Tim, Chris, Kim and Paul keeping the business running, It would have been impossible to restore this building. Aaron could not have spent the 7 months full time with out the back up of the team. It was Team Well that restored this building. It was a challenge and rewarding for all.

Well Creative Team in their restored modernist building

There were also some amazing trades people who contributed to the restoration with total care and passion.

Daniel Helmer, who at the time worked for Mackies was involved in the project all the way. He disconnected the power so demolition works could take place safely. He also managed to pull through new wires so the lights on the porch could shine once more. He hid air conditioning pipes in cupboards, wired up copper pipes in the vault, did new circuit boards, installed 5 air-conditioning units. He just loves ‘The Bank’ and he spent many hours admiring the stairs with Aaron. You’re a legend Dan!

Sincere gratitude also goes out to Matt Bath and is partner Marina from Matt Bath Stonemasons. They did a brilliant job in restoring the stone work on the random slab stone wall. They really cared, scrutinised the original photos and put their heart and soul into it.

Finally, thanks to the guys down the road at Wingham Windows. Michael and Lee you really did a magic job.

We live in a very different time now. By restoring this building we hope to gain a window into the way things used to be. Not only with style, design and colours but also how people in the post war era thought. You can sense the optimism, the desire to build a brave new Jetson’s world. You can also see that institutions like the ES&A Bank wanted to make an impression and contribute to the towns where they opened a branch. We now live in a world where money is the only yardstick of success. Commercial buildings are a means to an end and this reality shows in the disposable materials in which they are built.

Buildings like this are becoming increasingly rare. We need to honour and preserve the good examples we have left.

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