designer & director

What did you like to do as a child?

LEGO! I am such a Lego kid. I also loved to draw, especially architectural plans. I used to draw plans for high-rise buildings, bridges, houses, all kinds of stuff. I would then make models out of cardboard. They even had woking scenic elevators. My other love was building my tree house and cubby house. My poor long suffering mother: the back yard looked like such a tip. The tree house was really cool. It had three rooms, full walls, windows with shutters, elevator, carpet and bean bags. Not much has changed as I am still a frustrated architect and love to plan the next house, I love to build things, being outdoors and putting together IKEA. It’s like adult Lego.

What were your previous incarnations?

Well, obviously, I was Joan of Arc in a previous life but regarding the job thing, soooooo many different things! Insurance claims assessor, Hairdresser (11 years at that one), carpet cleaner, landscape gardener, theology student, Qantas call centre and music store sales assistant. In addition to this I was invited back where I studied design, Sydney Design Centre TAFE, to teach Typography, Illustration, 3D design and construction, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

What makes you happy?

Most things make me happy. I really love most things I do in life. I love my work but I also love to be in the bush or wilderness hiking. I love to restore things like furniture or Mid Century Banks. My Partner, Mum and Dad and my dogs make me really happy.

If you had the money of Bill Gates, what would you do with it?

I would love to restore all of the old buildings in Oamaru, which is a beautiful Victorian boom town in New Zealand. It is remarkably intact but they did demolish a wonderful row of terraces for a foundry. I would relocate the foundry and rebuilt the terraces exactly as they were. Aaron, the good King of Oamaru. It would cost so much money but that is fixing stuff on a mega scale. Bringing back living history.

How did you end up at Well Creative?

I graduated Dux from Sydney Design Centre TAFE – St. George Campus, with an Associate Diploma in Graphic Design in 2003. Since then I worked at several studios in Sydney including Morton Branding Consultants, Swell Graphic Design, Corlette Design and Ward 6. I also freelanced though Aquent working at numerous agencies.

In 2010, I joined Chris at Juzvolter at the beginning of that new venture. Together we created one of the most successful design studios on the North Coast of NSW. The culture there was, shall we say, very demoralising so we decided to join forces with Tim and go out on our own.

What is something you want to do that you are yet to do?

I want to do all 9 Great Walks of New Zealand before I am 50. I have walked the Milford Track so I have 8 to go.