web wizard


What did you like to do as a child?

Childhood memories are a bit of a blur, as sometimes I can barely remember what I did yesterday. But I do know from a young age I always had an interest in technology, and have been tinkering away with motherboards and RAM since the age of 12.

What were your previous incarnations?

Prior to working with Well Creative, I put in a solid 9 years with Kmart. Apart from working with Well, Kmart is the only other job I’ve had since the age of 15. While there I learnt the skills of good customer service, and always took great pride in giving the best possible service that I could. Those skills have transferred to my work with Well Creative, where I once again take pride in going the extra mile to give our clients the best experience.

What makes you happy?

My Kelpie ‘Ruby’ – Being so energetic, she’s always running around doing something silly.
Particularly when she’s running hot laps around the backyard like a mad dog. Guaranteed to put a smile on the face. Also the other special girl in my life, my partner in crime Laura.

If you had the money of Bill Gates, what would you do with it?

Bill is a top bloke – He has donated over 28 billion to his foundation, enhancing healthcare and reducing extreme poverty on a global scale. I’d put my money on continuing his good work.

How did you end up at Well Creative?

After deciding to ‘get serious’ about my IT career, I began studying with North Coast TAFE in 2012. I completed with distinction a Diploma of Website Development, also receiving the Southern Cross University Award for Outstanding Effort. The following year I tackled the Diploma of Information Technology – Systems Administration, once again completing with distinction. It was shortly after completing this course and wondering what life had in store that I received a phone call from Aaron – Learning Well Creative were looking to head into the digital realm. After a very ‘interesting’ job interview… I knew Well Creative was going to be a ‘unique’ business to work with.

What is something you want to do that you are yet to do?

Travel overseas – most likely New Zealand